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Anónimo perguntou: Is Bob still around? We haven't heard from him lately. You didn't leave him somewhere and forget about it again, did you?


I didn’t forget. 



Can you do a reading of this comic by mustachossom? (I’m so sorry, you probably already have like fifty people begging for that, but your Phoenix is exactly how I imagine him, so I figured I could try?)


you know what, my client’s guilty, let’s go home

Original comic by mustachossom

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I saw this on my Facebook feed, and I read it like this in my head, and I don’t know why I find it so funny. 

I like to imagine someone who REALLY wanted to get Darkwing Duck with all their heart. 


Patreon Request: Phoenix has nothing

“There’s one line in Duel Destinies with Apollo saying “I have nothing, but that never stopped me before!”. Could you have Wright saying that in what he thought was an internal monologue only to have Edgeworth sigh in response.”

Come on, Phoenix.

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Nobody asked for this.

Original post and comment from tibets and ollivander



would you perhaps do this post? bewbin(.)com/post/97365988166/bewbin-the-weather-seems-ruff-today-doesnt-it

I am your goddamn colleague, Greg.

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The King.


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